Auto Module Repair

When something goes wrong, the ECM adjusts conditions or, if it can't, the car won't run properly or at all. When there's a problem, the ECM stores a trouble code so it can be diagnosed by a mechanic (with a scanner specifically designed for that purpose) and triggers the check engine light so the driver knows something's wrong.

When engine control modules and units go bad they aren't really designed to be repaired -- at least, not by the owner or by an average mechanic. Quite simply, it takes specialized knowledge and specific tools to repair, not replace, an ECM.

Whether you are looking for a Remanufactured control module, or to Repair a damaged module, we will be able to give you your Lowest Cost best option. Remember, not every module is going to be fixable all of the time. With our knowledge and expertise we will take any technical information pertaining to your car's problem symptoms, like Diagnostic Trobule Codes (DTC's), and let you know if it is best to send yours in for Repair or get a new one up front. Either way, we back our work with warranty and service.

We are a Tech-Net Auto Care Center, and give a 24 month or 24,000 mile nation-wide warranty on most repairs. We are recognized as a Blue Seal facility by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Our skilled and friendly staff include ASE certified technicians, three journeymen, and two certified smog techs. Avoid a huge repair bill! At Ayers Repairs we have just what you need, "Car Care Club"

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